Looking for a Beta Reader/Proofreader

Hey, Winter here looking for a beta reader… again. :joy:

This time it’s for my upcoming story with @S.Dsana called “Quiet Confidence”. You may have seen the cover and splashes for it round the forums.

Anyways, we need a beta reader to read the story and correct directing or grammar or any other errors. You have to be online a lot of the time, obviously not all the time because I’m guessing/hoping you have a life. :joy:

  • You need to have average directing skills and being good with plot could be helpful too. If you’re not a native English speaker or your English isn’t good, you can still be a beta reader.

We have three complete episodes so far. :wink:

If you’re interested, comment below and I’ll PM you the link. :slight_smile:

~ Winter :snowflake:

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I would love to help!

Yay! Thank you! I will PM you the link now. :smile:

I would love to help also

Thank you so much! I’ll PM you the link. :heart:

bumping! :wink:

Try Me! :innocent:

Great. I’ll PM you the link. :wink:

Great! You can do it now. And tell me, as a beta reader what are the expectations from me, means like which areas shall I cover? Looks, Conversations, Animations, Grammars, Coding & Directing Errors, Story name and what not!!?? And do you want an honest feedback or shall I have to be humble, means even if I see any error then too you can take only good vibes, so I’ll hide those? In which way you want me to do the job?
Please explain before any misunderstanding.


I’ve read all the three chapters. Everything seems fine. In the second episode Brandon the coffee shop owner said “fire you, fire you”… No need to say it twice, I think it’s only mistype.
And can you make Angel’s mother look a little older or aged or sick… Her hair and mouth and nose style can do the trick.
Everything else is super fine. Just cool. Go ahead. Bingo! :kissing_heart::grinning::+1:t2:

Hey. I’ll fix that as soon as possible if it’s a typo. What nose and hair do you suggest?

~ :snowflake:

I suggest grey or white coloured hair and if you go to the face and mouth section you’ll see “mature…” named eyes and face and mouth, and instead Pixie if you choose long hair style or even medium but in different style I guess she’ll look more aged and more like a mother than a friend as She is looking now.
Your story is quite good, especially some dialogues! So, I just suggest those which I personally feel “needed to be changed”.
Rest You are doing pretty well. See you soon in your next episodes. By the way is it a Limelight creation? Hardly seems like .INK method…
Good Luck,
Ani.14 :+1:

This story is now published!!! :hugs:

  • Please check it out on the Episode app.
  • Please promote it.
  • Please leave fanmail.

Here’s the link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/4942036682014720
Here’s the cover made by the wonderful @BLUE2109:

@Ryan/@Jeremy Please close. :slight_smile:

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