Looking for a Beta Reader


Hello Episodians, I am looking for a beta reader who can read over my three chapters and give feedback before I publish.

Here are some requirements:

  • Online (For a little while)
  • Able to give constructive criticism and suggestions
  • Have a basic knowledge of directing
  • Able to point out errors (If found)
  • Polite

My story is a drama/action and includes a branching/point system. Comment below if interested and I’ll set up a private message with the link. Thanks.


I’ll send you a pm!


Thank you!


i can help you


hmm, OK! I can help you as well!


Great, @Mis.love and @ButterflyMagic101 I’ll message you both as well. :ok_woman:


Okie dokie! :grinning:


Oof, probably late, but can I beta read too?


Sure! I’ll message you as well.


You don’t need me probably, but I would love to check out your story!


You may as well. I still need 2 more people to look at it since only one has given feedback. Pm me if you’re ready to start.


Could you please close this thread since I have found a beta reader? :grin: @Sydney_H



Topic closed by OP request.