Looking for a bit of help!


Hello there!
I am working on a story but I could use some help! If anyone would like to help, I am working on a fantasy story with a bit of comedy. If you are iterested, my instagram is jasmin_episodewriter. Dm me! :sparkling_heart: :hugs:


Heya! Is there anything in particular you are looking for? I can help you with coding and stuff but I can’t be a full time author with you cause I have loads of stuff to do.


Well I am looking for someone to help me when I have no more fresh ideas for my story.


And yep. I could do that. So whenever you need help or are bummed and caught up with writers block then just hit me up in the Private messages and I would be more then happy to help


Thank you so much! :grinning:


No problem, is there anything you need help with right now? Or any plot developing ideas? You know what, lets finish this convo in the pm


Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: