Looking for a buddy to make a story with!

I’m looking for someone to help me write/edit a story I’ve started to work on, it’s a reality show setting, it has multiple LIs of both genders, and a customizable MC that can be either gender, if you have any questions feel free to ask, here, on DMs, or on my instagram @episode_warrioroutcast

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I am currently writing my own story ( I also am prepared/ing to write 2 more if my first is good) but after that I have no idea I’d :100: be interested in making anything with someone(s).

I can work on another story while writing my own :wink:
Also it would be nice to have friends on here :heart:

I’ll DM you!

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Hi!! Would LOVE to help. I have experience with making gem choices, dialouge, and many more things. I would love to make this story with you.

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Hii Im new to Episode lookin for a partner that could help me with my story called Thee Age of Lyric

@Kaes.episode_xo you can create a new topic about this!!