Looking for a C0DING partner

Hi, I have an idea of a story to write and I have planned all of it but I don’t know how to code. I would need someone that could code the first 2 or 3 chapters for me ( I would give you ALL the credit for coding.) It would need to be someone that is experienced in the coding if possible.

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I’m very familiar with directing and writing, so maybe I could. What is the plot?

I can code and put characters in the correct spot I can help :yellow_heart:!

I’m very good at coding if you still need help

Hi, a summary of the plot is; MC and her BFF, go to high school reunion. Bff has … with MC’s ex. They both get boyfriends from the reunion. MC and ex get together. MC studies at Uni and is trapped in a room by her professor. They have … . Bff and her bf have a baby boy. They thing it is her bf’s. MC gets pregnant and has twin girls. MC and boyfriend get engaged. Professor gets furious at MC as he thinks the twins are his. On the wedding day he tries to shoot her with a gun. She turns around and it hits one of the white roses in her bouquet. He goes to jail, MC gets married, happily ever after…

If you like the plot, private message me