Looking for a canon male lgbt book

I do not see much lgbt books on episode I’d really love a suggestion for a story That has a gay male mc and a gay male Li and it’s best if the story is only boy and boy romance preferably Lime light


Thin Blue Line & Farenheit by Eysneck

Make Me Stay by Raes

How To Find Your Soulmate (in 12 easy steps) by Lauren

I do know a couple more but they haven’t been updated in a very long time so I won’t recommend those :grimacing:


Adventure awaits by Latin salad
Be mind-feel by empress Vanessa
Misleading by Kylie

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Thanks! :blush:

Check out Elissus Veritas by illustrated!

Also, I am working on publishing my LGBTQIA+ story with MC being male! It actually will be rather story about grieving, but there will be lots of love!