Looking for a casual writing partner

Okay, so, I work two jobs, and both a pretty all over the place, but I would really like to collaborate and get a couple of stories out,
I have ideas, but I’m also willing to hear out others.

We can collaborate via here or wherever, but I would also like to do video calls or something because I’d like to know who I’m working with and I find it really helps to spit out ideas.

Anyway, hopefully I get a bite here. Also, I have no idea how to physically create a story together on episode, so I hope I find someone with a bit of experience.

Hi there! I would love to be a writing partner. I currently just started on a story but I am interested in working together to not only improve my story but also create new ones : D

Hey there LD,

Would love to hear a pitch for your story.
I’ve started one as well, and just finished the first chapter. But it’s more of a test than anything else. I’m stuck on trying to give the player the option to change a character without giving them all options. (He’s a vampire, so red eyes and pale skin are kind of a must.) And I just can’t figure it out.
Like I said, it’s a test. Don’t get turned off from the vampire thing. (P.S. they do not sparkle)

Uh, so if you wanna chat,
https://discord.gg/hKf83t You should be able to enter this as a guest sort of thing…
I’m not actually sure how discord works. But anyway. Look forward to hearing from you.

Can I join as well?

You are absolutely more than welcome to join :slight_smile: LD and I have just been tossing ideas at each other.

Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: