Looking for a certain background

I’m looking for a background that is like a jail chamber, a little old fashioned.

Is that what are you looking for?

Sort of yeah but no beds or toilets and stuff lol. But yeah I’m looking for it to have the brick wall and a window.


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Thx :grin: Do you have any more? And a door to go with it? Sry if I’m asking for too much :joy:

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I will try find something

I have tried to make this

My bad i meant the outside of the jail/chamber door. :sweat_smile:

You mean like bars overlay?

ummmm… yeah we can try that. but i believe i know some others who have bar overlay. i was looking for a door outside.

Like a corridor type and a door which can open too?

maybe both?

Hmm…I’m not good at overlays/backgrounds but I’ll ask my friend who makes some banging stuff x

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ok thanks :smile:

What’s your Instagram btw? I’ll ask her to follow you x

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