Looking for a certain limelight animation

I mean, since you say that there literally no other movements, it’s the only thing I can think off! :see_no_evil: :black_heart: Do you know who the author is?

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Yes, one of them is Janine, the author of Times Square & Anyone but you. I saw the scene in ABY. I can’t recall the other story though.

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Ah, okay. Thaks a lot. :black_heart:

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Hi there! So @Zeah here messaged me about this :sweat_smile: i improvised the codes and animations for that. I made two Talas.

Tala (the original) can be seen on screen while Tala2 is offscreen. I usually make Tala2 do the eyeroll at camera animation while Tala is doing speech animation. Here’s an example

&TALA2 spot 1.280 (somewhere offscreen)
TALA (talk_neutral)
Dialogue here.

Then when she’s done talking, i do this:

@remove TALA and TALA2 spot 1.280 (depends on your character placement) and TALA2 faces right

And when I’m done showing that animation, i just bring back the original Tala with the same codes but like this:

@remove TALA2 and TALA spot 1.280 etc.

I hope i made myself clear :sweat_smile:


Yes, Thank you so much. :see_no_evil: :heart:. Here I was thinking it’s a different animation :joy: