Looking for a character/outfit creator?


Hey loves!

If you need someone to design the characters and their outfits for your story, I’d love to do that! I do mostly Limelight, but if you have an Ink story that needs outfits and/or characters, I’d gladly look into that as well!
I can do any style you want; casual, fantasy, futuristic… I’ve studied fashion so you can count on me!
Of course, if you don’t like something, I’ll change it up for you!

If you’re interested, either PM me, DM me on Instagram (@runes_episode) or just reply to this thread!

Love, Rune


Hey I can help out what is the story about


Hi, I wasn’t looking for someone that could create the outfits/chars for me, I was looking for someone who needed help with that themselves! :sweat_smile: Thank you anyways, tho! :heart:


I can totally do it. Contact me at luckapami@gmail.com if interested

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Hey your story sounds interesting I like it what’s the name or isn’t publish ?

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