Looking for a Co Athour



Looking for a co athour to hep with ideas but I need o cummuniat with discord for ideas adopfully they will be wilng to help also check out the fatisy main charcter places in y las topic so yeah


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sorry @Sydney_H


I have some good ideas I’m not that good at spot direction or codi ng but you could always add a few more girls for help


sure but will u be able to cuminicate with discord ad if u don’t mind ill also get more ppl


Hey!!! I have tons of different ideas and I’m pretty good at directing but I’m not really good at keeping on task so we might need another person, if your wanting to work together :grin:


yh I have discord for other group stuff and I don’t mind at all


yep will u be able to cumunicate on dicord




I think u to will be perfect for the job


Aww tysm <3


Who was that directed to? :joy: sry I like totally cant tell


i assume both


Cool beans!!!


yep it was both hope u don mind working as a team sometimes I won be able o to use dloiscord s ll use this




Sure!! Just fair warning Prepare for a LOT of dad jokes and food jokes :joy::joy::joy:


I can create a server for discord I’m pretty used to doing everything on it


it blured out


Yep you have to tap on it :wink: