Looking for a co-author ASAP

Hi! I’m looking for a co-author!

You must have some experience, also with working on plots, and events that are going to happen😊

The story is Drama/Romance

My insta is @moonstone_episode

Respond if you are interested :slightly_smiling_face::heart:


I am😁

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Ok! Do you have an Insta? I am more active on there :blush:

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Ok just dmed you

hi! If you’re still looking for an extra helper, I’d be glad to help :))

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Sure! Do you have an Instagram?

yes! it’s @solarnetic_episode

If u still need any extra helpers, I’d be willing to help u (:

I can help too! I might not be on 24.7 but I will try!
My insta is @brii_writes_epi

Are you going to make a group chat with everyone that’s helping?