Looking for a co-author for a kind of sci-fi (romance) story

About me:

I have published two stories on episode. I can code decently well now, so I know how to use layers, some overlays, some complex choices, etc., but nothing too fancy. I have a bachelor’s degree in English.
I love stories in all genres, but this story would be something new for me. I have no preference as to whether the story would be in Ink or Limelight so that’s something we could decide together :slight_smile:

About the story: I don’t want to share too much of the story, but as I mentioned, the story I could see ranging anywhere from 5-20 episodes depending, but I don’t think it needs to be much longer than that. It isn’t overtly scifi like being 100 years in the future and on a spaceship, but I imagine something more subtle. It will involve an item that has a special ability.

Why I’m looking for a collaborator: I like the idea that I came up with, but it needs some serious work before I can make a script, and I think it would be really fun to share that experience with another writer, and potentially create something even better than I could have come up with alone! I’ve always wanted to do a collab story, and I think this one is in the early enough stages that another writer could come in and make this story theirs, too.

What I’m looking for:

  • Someone who can code decently well
  • Someone with writing experience
    • It would be cool if you have published a story or have a wattpad account or something like that, but not a requirement
  • Someone active who can contribute weekly (as in not just a comment once a week but a substantial contribution each week)
    • We both have lives so that’s why I don’t mean you would have to contribute every day, but perhaps 2-4 times a week depending on how much we get done
  • Someone with a strong sense of plot development and can create strong characters
  • Someone with strong grammar skills
  • If you are good at advanced coding that would be awesome but not required
  • If you can do artwork that also would be awesome but not required
  • Someone with good ideas and can help build upon my original idea
  • Someone who can communicate well
    • As I said we both have lives, so someone who will check in and let me know if they’re too busy one week, or can only come on once in one week would be great. I don’t want someone to just ghost.
  • Someone who is honest but respectful, so if they don’t like something or think it’s weak, for example, they would be able to tell me in an honest but constructive way
  • Someone who wants to see this to the end


  • I’m not looking for an editor, I’m looking for a 50/50 partnership.
  • Someone who would be involved in character creation and development
  • Someone who would be involved with plot development
  • Someone who can share in the coding and editing
  • I also imagine we would make a joint gmail account for our story.

If this sounds interesting to anyone please leave a comment below!
Let me know about you, your interests, your coding abilities, and anything else you think I should know!
If I think we’d be a good fit, I’ll let you know and share what I have so far for a story idea!

Thanks :slight_smile:

My name is Rachel, I love drawing and memorizing facts. My coding abilities are quite good, and I really like drawing characters out before customizing them, so that I have an idea of how they look. My user is Hotel Hideaway, I’ve written two stories, A Little Like This and Free Falling (coding is being fixed). I am a grammar police. I’m free everyday besides Wednesday (Cadets), but even then, I’m free until about 5. I’m in the Eastern time zone.

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My name is Kalissa, I’m 13. I love making art, writing, and having fun. I think I can code pretty decently but I’m no expert. I love to read romance and drama stories! :upside_down_face:
I live in EST. I am more available on the weekends.
And I’m in the process of writing my first story!


Hello, I’m Alyssa. I recently made a post saying that I would like to do something like this. You can read it to find out some about me as a writer. I am a decent coder, but I mostly prefer writing as I can find coding strenous and time-consuming. I am mostly availible on the weekends. I think a joint gmail account is a great idea. I can not do artwork, but I consider myself a good writer. Please message me if you think I’m a good fit. I would love to learn more about your story!

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Hi Rachel! Thanks for your interest in my post :slight_smile: That’s so cool that you draw your characters first I wish I could do that lol. What genres are your stories?

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Hi Kalissa, thanks for leaving me a comment :slight_smile: That’s awesome you make art! I unfortunately suck at that type of thing haha what kind of story are you writing?

It’s a romance and drama
It’s called Polar
A guy and girl are complete opposites
But one day the girl make him change his ways

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It sounds cliche but the backstory and the more in depth look on it is unique

Hi Alyssa! I checked out your post so thanks for replying to mine as well! Are you willing to go 50/50 on coding? I just want to make sure because like you said coding can be time-consuming so I’m definitely looking for someone who will help me lol

That’s important! I think every story has cliches so it’s all about how to bring them to the reader in new and unique ways

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Sure. I can do it just fine, I just have trouble when there isn’t a script first. I have ADHD and I tend to stray from the plot before I’ve even fully coded it, but if we had an exact script first (like one episode at a time, maybe?) I’d be up for it.


I totally get that. I haven’t written the script yet, I just have an idea that I would love to flesh out with someone but I am a firm believer in outlines they really help me stay on track haha

Oh, that’s fine. Actually a good thing. I want to help make/edit characters and write the script, but an idea to work upon is good. Even if the idea is hardly developed.

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Thank you all replying to my post @EdwardNorton , @Kalizzza , @alyssagreene :relaxed::relaxed:
If any of you are still interested, pm me and I’ll send you my notes for the story. Please take a look at it and see if it’s something for you. I want to give you the chance to see if you’d be interested before you commit. If you take a look at it and it’s not for you, don’t worry about it! Just be honest and let me know :slight_smile:
I’m looking for someone who’s really interested in the idea and can provide some vision to it!
And if it turns out that more than one of you still want to be involved, we can work on a way to make it together :blush:

A good thing that you haven’t written the script yet, I mean.

It’s definitely in its beginning stages haha

Drama and Romance.