Looking for a co-author for a story

I’m a coder and am looking for a co-author to write with me!

I’m quite busy and don’t have enough time to write a story fully on my own.

i’m open to any genre but here are my ideas:

heist, murder mystery or fantasy :slight_smile:


hey, id love to help you! i love writing and have even published a book :slight_smile:
im still learning coding so i think we would be a great pair. lmk if you want to teamup

sounds great! what do you use to

I am currently working on a murder mystery, you can text me on Insta if you are ever interested @melisa_epi

If you’re still looking I’d love to write a story with you! I’ve written a few stories and I’ve been wanting to do a fantasy and a murder mystery story for the longest. You can msg me on here if you’re still looking!

hey, i can do discord or insta?

sure! what’s your discord?

Delava. the period is included in my user

I’d love to help. What’s your discord?