Looking for a Co-Author on my new story!

Hey ya’ll! I would love someone to help me on my new story, it’s called Sinful Love, it might be a little mature for some people… But the big thing I need help on is general ideas and spot directing… If anyone’s interested let me know!



I would love to @Sheepy123

Alright, that would be awesome! quick question though, how on earth does co writing work? I haven’t gotten a story published yet, so I’m still a little new xD

I’m also new my story i was making has some technical difficulties (cant edit) i was writing my 3rd episode when it happened so maybe we can ask the support team how to do the Co Writing thing @Sheepy123

Okay then, idrk how to ask this fabeled ‘support team’ so you can go ahead on that xD

OK will do i have there email bc i was asking about my story problems so I’ll just do that the now @Sheepy123

@Sheepy123 do u have Picsart so we can text
that way instead of here

Dunno what that is, but I’ve got a gmail? :laughing:

@Sheepy123 i also emailed about the Co Writing

Picsart is an app to make pictures for like story’s and stuff so it would be really good to chat on it and have ideas @Sheepy123

Oh, yeah, I don’t have that, what else would work?

I guess email mine is crazysemtex04@gmail.com

But if u get Picsart we can communicate easier @Sheepy123

@Sheepy123 is there anyway to make a group on here so we can chat without anyone eles

not that I know of, other then PM

@Sheepy123 how do u pm then so we can do that

@Sydney_H could you please close this thread? found a co!

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Topic closed by OP request. :smiley: