Looking for a co-author!


Looking for someone to co-write a story with me!
Genre: Romance/Drama in Limelight!
HMU if interested!


Hey. I am Saasha. I am a professional writer but I suck at coding so if you need anyone to help you with the story I would love to help you.


hey anyone want to write an story with me?


I would love to chat to see if we could work together. Just let me know how to contact you other than here. I’ve tried writing my own story on episode, but I spend so much time googling how to code than writing. I cannot code, but I see myself as a pretty good writer.


Hey there! I’d love it if we can talk somewhere else to see if we can work well together. Where else can we contact each other?


Hey, I’m looking for someone to co-write with me as well. Maybe we can talk somewhere else and see if we can work it out?


I would love to. My Instagram is bleedingrosesliketomorrow.


Hey. My instagram is @saasha_episode. My facebook account is @Saasha Arora. If you don’t use any of them let me know where else we can talk.