_Looking for a co author

Looking for a co author to help me write a story. I hope to be friends with my co author and create amazing story with my co author.:heart:

I’m interested. I’ve also been looking for a writing partner. I wouldn’t really call myself a good writer but I manage with dialogue and being creative, I’m more on the coding side. It’s alright if I’m not what you’re looking for, best of luck with your upcoming story! :blush:

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I am willing to work with anyone

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message me if ur still interested

Do you have Instagram?

yea (sky_episodewriter)

Ok my Instagram is @minxy.epy

i added u

If you need any help I have plenty of writers on my discord if any of you want to join and need help. Pm me if you want too

I noticed you said you had a Discord? I’ve been wanting to join an Episode Discord to connect to more people! If yours does that or you have any suggestions that would be fantastic!

Yeah. Pm me and I’ll give h the link.