Looking for a co-writer/coder/director


hi I’m looking for a co-writer who has experience in coding and directing as I have trouble coding I love romance and comedy hope we can create something wonderful as a team :slight_smile:



Still looking for one? My instagram is episode.shay.13


okay thank you :slight_smile:


and if you need a cover and/or splash, check out my post, id really appreciate it :joy:

My Post


I will dw lol


what does dw mean? :thinking::joy:


it means don’t worry


that makes sense, i feel stupid lol


it’s okay I didn’t what it meant until my friend told me


just saw your edits they look great I think we would make an excellent team


thanks, where do you want to start?


Anytime you’re not busy


im never busy, i mean what do you want to start doing? do you already have your story written?


I’m thinking of writing a story about three best friends in high school it’s going to be a comedy


okay, im not the best at comedy, but i can help with the coding, covers and splashes


looking for one also… if theres anyone pm me


yeah it’s okay I’ll come up with the comedy elements


If you want you can team up with us if you want :slight_smile:


Is this still up? Because I need someone who can help me with some overlay coding. God I’m awful!


I can’t code sorry