Looking for a co-writer/coder


Hi friends!

So I am still looking for a co-writer/coder for my fantasy story! The story is about the MC becoming a vampire. I’d prefer someone who is 17+, however, if you are somewhat experienced and like the story idea, I can make exceptions! I have a basic plot and characters figured out, just still need to do a bit more development then it is on to the writing and coding!


I love fantasy stories! I’d love to help


I sent you a message. :slight_smile:


Girl, honestly kind of jealous that you a response so quick lol. It took me a couple of days for someone to want to work with me on my fantasy story :joy:


I’m sorry ;0 I know I just got lucky. There’s always a ton of people looking for co-writers. I hope everything works out for you and your story though! Send me a link whenever you have it published in the future!!


Lol it’s fine
Here’s my story:


If you’d like, I could code your story.
I’m not exactly 17, but I have a fair bit of experience in scripting. I could even help out with the writing.


If you need it, here’s my episode username: Andreaxo :slight_smile:


I can do advanced spot directing, advanced choices, point systems, overlay movement and so on.