Looking for a co-writer:D (LL) (Still looking)

Hiii! I’m looking for a co-writer! I really want to write a horror story, and I have a few ideas but I can’t seem to choose one, and it would be awesome to write with someone:)
As some people know, I started writing one but now that I’m rereading it, I don’t really like the plot and idea anymore - it seems too simple and basic:(

I would like someone who can afford buying art from time to time (not expensive), it doesn’t matter if you can’t, we can always work something out:) But as I said, I would prefer if you could

The only two rules that I have are:
-Must have Instagram
-Must have experience in coding

If anyone is interested - pm me and we can discuss everything there x


Hey, I am a paid co-writes/coder
if you are interested then u can dm me
Paid Coding thread or u can just check my coding thread here for details.

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