Looking for a Co-Writer! :D

Hey there! :grin:

I’ve been struggling to come up with some ideas and plot twists for my story. I have the coding down and the directing, I basically just need someone that I can bounce ideas off of. There are no specific requrements, if you feel like you have some good ideas in general, message me! I have some details below that I felt may be important for you to know in case you’re interested.
You can message me here or my instagram, which is @/allie.writes.stuff! OR you can fill out this Google Form and I’ll reach out to you!

Story Details

Genre: Romance (and a touch of drama, of course!)
Plans (how many episodes, etc.): I plan to have around 15-20+ episodes, and so far I’m only on episode one because I only write when I’m inspired, otherwise I don’t feel that it comes out good. That’s another reason why I’d like a co-writer, because we could be inspired together! (:
Description: Dawn expected college to be anything but what it was. When she meets a handsome stranger, her college life starts to get a little bit more exciting. (I desperately need help with coming up with a better description too.)
Other Details: I already have a sequel in mind! (Don’t shame me, I know I’m only on the first episode! :sweat_smile:) I also have the cover and such if that’s something you’d be interested in seeing. I need some feedback on my intro/outro as well!
Another thing, it has vampires in it. I it to be nothing like Twilight, but that’s really difficult, so I need help with this too. :rofl:

If you need any more information, message me! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your interest (or if you just felt like reading this in general) and I hope you all have an amazing day/night (or whatever time it is right now for you right now!) :heartpulse: :innocent:


Me: Very willing to help
Also me: Too busy to be an okay-ish partner

Uhm… I could maybe help out with story twists and ideas but not actually like a partner? Like a helper(?)

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I’m available to consult (free). I’m a working screenwriter experiencing a lull due to COVID-19. I’ll reach out to you on Instagram. I’m @grh_episode there.

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