Looking for a co-writer for a planned out story! (Ballet themed)

Looking for someone to write with :slight_smile: preferably someone who knows how to code (at least a bit). I’ve already started a story - lmk if you wanna join.

I can pm you the plot and you can let me know if it interests you. We can both work on the it and change it up as much as we want. However, I want to keep the theme as ballet.

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Hi, I used to do ballet for more or less about 7 years. I can help you filter out all of the misconceptions and errors.

I’ve been coding since I was 13, I don’t mind helping out.

I’m going to post my very first story soon! You’re welcome to use my code in your story. I have point systems, premium choices, etc.

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Hi :llama:

I just checked my inbox, I didn’t receive anything :see_no_evil:

Thank you for responding! I’ve already found a partner, but I’d gladly check out your story whenever it’s out :slight_smile:

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