Looking for a co-writer for my story “The Outside”!

Hi! I would like to partner up with someone for my story. I am looking for a writing partner who has experience writing/ coding stories on episode to co-write, give feedback for my story. If you are intrested please either PM me or Direct Message me on Instagram @episode.khep (same as forum username)
Why? Sometimes I get lazy and shorten scenes and episode so it moves a bit to fast, then I end up pushing myself to hard to the the point I don’t want to write anymore. And I want our soon to be episode the best it can be.

  1. Good at directing. (At least the basics)
  2. Good at plot twist! (Must)
  3. Will help create characters.

We can learn through each other!
I may not know everything and you may not know everything.

Title of story: The Outside.
Author: Khepera C
Genre: Romance/Action/Drama
Style: Limelight
Story description: 50 years ago everyone on earth were secluded into one area by the government and were forbidden to leave. No one knew why they were their. No on knew who their real parents were, No one knew where their real parents were because all family’s were assigned. Someone goes missing and they are assumed to be on the outside of this haven. Will you escape this ‘Haven’ and save the love of your life with the help of your six friends?

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I’ll help!

Are you good with script code?

Pretty good! I’m not great but I’m not bad :wink:

PM me

I would love to :smile: