Looking for a co-writer for "The Girl Next Door"

Hey! I’m writing a new story called “The Girl Next Door” and I’m looking for a co-writer! To apply just send me any stories that you’ve written and I’ll choose soon! Thanks so much!

i would love to help

send me a link to your story :slight_smile:

I havent written a story yet. it will be published in fall

I would love to help you, I’ve been an advanced coder for 3 years now.
Currently I don’t have any stories published (most were published, then I lost motivation and chose to take them down.) But my- what I’d call best one- is to be published on the 20th of August.

awesome :slight_smile: could you send me the link so i could read it? if that’s possible,

Honestly, the ones I had published were pretty bad, they were from when I was 10 and just knew basic coding. So yeah…
The one in currently working on isn’t yet published but is to be soon.
Can i send you a link when it’s published?

yes, but i probably won’t be looking for a co writer then, im sorry! :frowning:

It’s okay.

Hi! I’m good with coding! So if you give me a plot and a story I can code it! But I’m working on one of my own stories right now, look up Failing Death by Zanger! I’ll pm you the password for the first episode, only 1 is complete so it’s locked!