Looking for a co-writer/helper

Hello & thank you for your time.
I am in search for a writing buddy for my new story. To be exact it is an idea, not a story yet.
Before I go in details I need to say this:
I might not always have free time bc I have to work and I of course have my offline life as anyone else. Sometimes I get lazy or might have a writer’s block, and I need a partner exactly for such situations. Bc I can have tons of ideas but I’ll be too lazy or occupied to work on them.
Now, it’s better if we discuss my idea privately. Here’s my discord: @2epiccarrot#5757

  • I don’t demand you to do all the work for me, I just want to finally finish at least one story from all those ideas that I started wrking on;

  • English is not my native, so excuse me if sometimes I can’t quietly describe what I want or if my english isn’t modern enugh.


Do you pay your co-writers?

No. Even if I wanted to I can’t cuz I literally live in the country occupied with war and we can’t exactly make payments online

Oh, I see.

Hey, you still in need for co writer, I am happy to help!
If you are on instagram you can contact me from there.
My id is: ishu.episode

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Hi, yeah I’m still looking for one.
There’s three profiles under search of ishu.episode, how do I know which one is yours?

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P.S. Here’s link to my profile:

I have message you. please check your dm.

I am happy to help you!