Looking for a Co-Writer: Is there Anyone Who Would like to help me Finish my SWY Contest Entry? (Coder, Grammar Person, Speech bubble Placement)

Is there anyone who would like to help me finish my SWY Contest Entry? If so I will give you the details in more depth. I just am not able to code all of it in time.

The story is about a girl and a boy getting trapped in an escape room. Unbeknownst to them it was there darkest secrets coming after them, all over again.

There is a lot of choices involved and that determine the ending. There are 4 endings, the guy dies and the girl lives, the guy lives and the girl dies, they both die, they both live.

I will give credit in any way shape or forum you would like.

Also someone who can do branching and advanced directing.

Me! I can help if you want.

I’m a pretty advanced coder.

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PM me please

Someone who can log onto my account or make a dual account so we can write together, please.


I also finished the first chapter and I’m going on the second one. I’ve realized I cannot do it all before the contest.

I can help you if you want…I too write stories on episode

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Sounds good. Are you good with branching?

Not yet but I can help with speech bubble placement, animations and grammatical mistakes

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That’s great I will PM you the account so you can log in