Looking for a co-writer: On episode or on another platform

Hey there! So I’ve been looking for a writer buddy for a while, with no luck. I’m not sure if I would want to work with someone on episode, but I would be up for it. Other options would be wattpad or another website like it.

I’m not very picky, but I do have some requirements to make sure that we’d work well together.
:heart: You have to know how to code, even if it’s just basic. If we’re going to write on episode, i want to make sure I’m not the only one who is coding it.
:orange_heart: Is super creative, with everything. I usually write fantasy or sci-fi, but on episode I am trying to branch out, so all I want is for something to bounce ideas off of and be able to write with, whatever we do.
:yellow_heart: has to be somewhere near my age. I don’t want to work with anyone so much older or so much younger than me i’m seventeen
:green_heart: Has to be available in normal hours. Im in the pacific time zone, so I’d like someone who Is also in the same time zone or somewhere close.
:blue_heart: is eager to create something beautiful wherever we create it.
:purple_heart: is up for anything.

If anyone wants to be my writing partner, leave a comment down below or PM me.

Thanks so much!!

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I’m looking for a coding partner I only know a spot drafting basics tell us about it also I’m planning to seeing my style of writing in my stories also I would like to improve my skills with coding but right now I could use some help I wouldn’t mind to work together and I’m planning to probably change my stories real soon and if your but if you’re not interested in helping me then I understand and appreciate your time and response if you do have the time

So I must warn you, I am not /that/ good at coding, I’m still learning, but I would love to help anyways!

What do you usually write? Like fantasy, action, romance?

I like fantasy and romance I did write some stories that I think it’s not good and it might need some directing help on it but I’m also thinking that changing it but I really don’t know where to start on when I start

Okay. So you need help starting your story? I can help with that.

Are you wanting to collab with me, or with @julia_tse?

Yeah, sorry about that.

Fixing it more likely if I send you my profile or just the name of the stories that I have written on the app right now and just look at a few of the episodes and see how the directing because as far as I can tell some people say they look good but it’s actually crappy in my mind if you want to take a look and read at least maybe wanted to know if you want but I’m trying to fix all of my stories and rewriting and have new ideas even though I think you’re pretty bad and I want to restart everything even though I don’t have the access to right right now on any computer since my computer is not working and my mom’s not going to allow me to use first for coding purposes and stuff like that also I couldn’t do my phone but then again it’s really really tricky to write on my phone so that’s why I’m kind of need help with the coating and just to get everything right

Hmm interesting

I’m a little confused now but I couldn’t wait on writing until I get a new computer I don’t know how long that’s going to be but well soon I’m planning to hide what I just started hiding all of my stories right now and I’m pretty much going to delete some characters when I can actually get into my account cuz lately somehow I can get in and somehow so like maybe like a week or two or maybe a couple weeks later I cannot get into my account so sometimes I don’t know why I mean I forget my password but sometimes I change them and don’t write the passwords

Okay, so I’m a little confused on what you want me to help you with. You don’t have a computer, and you can’t code on your phone, so what do you want me to do?

I figured you would be confused I’m sorry I tried to explain things but I always not descend be so clear I just need help to someone just help me with the coding like helping me but a little details like spot the directing zoning and overlaid codes and other things I could probably put in if I wanted to also I was thinking putting some props in my stories but then I really don’t know how to do things like if I wanted to give a reader a choice on to who their nature core mean character to be like a male or female and they just click or tap on the person they went to be things like that or just a color choice or something like if a better experience on choices or something but I’m not really sure I mean I know you will be probably the most occurring cuz I only know enter screen drive to screen center and not type of basic type of thing I mean I can time but I can only put off of the characters names and stuff like this to put the speech bubbles that I wouldn’t know where to put a spot or how big the toilet or how small things like that type of coding and if any of this doesn’t make sense I’m sorry I’m not very good at sentences or explaining things that well

I am not sure if that is exactly what I want to do, I was kinda hoping to start at the beginning with someone and work our way up, rather than just editing someone’s preexisting story.

Okay well if that’s what you want and I won’t bother you I am going to to change a ton of things in my story like starting from scratch but if you’re not interested then I understand

I’m really sorry for getting your hopes up. I hope you find someone who can help you. :slight_smile:

That’s fine it’s understandable cuz I don’t know if I can find anyone to help me but I’ll try

I wish you the best


Hey there! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m interested in co-writing something, if you’re up for it!

A little about me:
:point_right: I have a slightly more than basic knowledge of coding (in general, though I’ve been messing around with Episode’s specific coding for a while now)!
:point_right: I’m a big fantasy and sci-fi fan myself, though I tend to do more modern-fantasy (supernatural, paranormal, and/or a modernized fantasy setting–Episode is unfortunately somewhat limited on straight up fantasy assets, so I like to avoid straight high-fantasy). I’m also a big fan of simple modern stories with an interesting concept, however! My ideas are certainly not limited to any one genre.
:point_right: I’m 23, hopefully that’s not too much older than you. If it is, that’s understandable. :v:
:point_right: I’m also in the pacific time zone! Though, my sleep hours can be wonky at times, but my schedule is flexible, so that’s really not an issue for me.
:point_right: I like to focus more on having fun creating stories and creating something that I love and would like to play myself. No project is ever a waste so long as you enjoy the process of creating it!

If you have any questions for me, I’ll gladly respond to them! And if you’re potentially interested in seeing if we’d be compatible creatively, I’d love to chat further in PMs!

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You sound like a near perfect match! I’ll PM you