Looking for a Co-Writer perhaps

Looking for a co-writer, wanna write a fantasy story? It’s gonna be cool and fun, basically fantasy, romance and more. Hoping to hear from someone, I’m a really good coder.

The story’s plot already exists, just waiting to be written. It’s a kind of complex, fun and a really interesting story. PM me for more…


Oh and guys please help me out, over 17 of you guys have already seen this and not one responded.


You can check on here ik a few people are looking for partners! Find a partner!

I can help you
If you want my help
Dm me in instagram: @nayshi_episode

I can help you if it is needed. I’m good at creating characters, outfits, and proofreading.

I can help you. I always wanted to work with another writer. Dm me if you want on @mstories.writes