Looking for a co-writer/s


Hello! So I am in the process of writing my first story, but I feel like I need more experience with script making and plot development in order to continue. So now I am looking for a co-writer/s (3 people at most) who is/ are good in those and will help me make another story.

This is what I had in mind we would do:
We will be making a new story from scratch- meaning we will brainstorm together and come up with a dynamic short story (probs 15-20 episodes). Our goal would be to accomplish this in just 1 month since school is coming up for me soon.

I need someone (or some people) who has a laptop since I do not always have access to one. It would also be a bonus if you could be online at 10pm to 6am pst (I converted my time zone so you can just convert yours if needed). It would also be cool if you also know how to make the art.


do you want to be in my writing group


How many are you in your group? And will we still be making a short story in a months time just as I was planning to?


well right now I have 7 members
and yes we will be making the story


Alright then! Yay


just pm me your email and I will add you to the chat


Could I maybe join aswell please
my email>> barnardm545@gmail.com


sure sorry I was late my mom took my computer


i’m going to add you now


hi am in for it am also new here so we can work together as a team what do u think