Looking for a co-writer! :))


I’m Kertu and I would love it if someone would want to co-write a romance story with me. I have written down some ideas and storylines. Ofc I could change them with you if necessary.

I’ve written a few stories in the past but I’ve lost inspiration few chapters later.

If you might be interested let me know here in replies (lol idk how to use this forum) or DM me to @eqisobe (it’s like episode but p is q and d is d haha)

*oh i want add that you should have written something before so u know how to do basic directing and stuff.


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Hello, I’m new here and I’d like to learn more, I suppose a good way would be to be the co-writer of your story, if you want I can help you

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i would love to to be your co - writer if your still interested

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I would love to be your co writer. Let me know!! :wink::grin:

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i would love to co-write with you

I’d like to help

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i would love to be your co-writer! If you still need one of course!

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Hey Faith! I would love for you to be my co writer!! That would be amazing!!

Thats great!! Thank you!!

I can be your writing partner


Hey! Im so sorry, but unfortunately someone else responded to me super quick and I said yes to her being my co writer. So sorry about that. Next time for sure!

Hey :slight_smile:

Hi im looking for someone who can code to work together

Hey! I was also looking for. I am ready to be your Co writer, if you don’t mind of course.

Hey. Of course! You and Kertu my friend can not work on it. I’m looking for a spy story. Thank you so much. :joy:

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