Looking for a Co-Writer



Im new here and would love to have a writing partner for my first book series. I like romance, Royalty, college life, basically anything. Also anything for readers over 13 years old. More “Mature writing”. If youre interested please leave me some ideas of books and ill reply.


Hey, my name is Alana and I have similar interests. I love romance and adventure. Maybe you should try doing a forbiden romance.


Hi, my name is Essence. I love to co-write with you you.

Maybe a girl falls in love with her boss or things like that but not to cliche because cliche are overused.



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Hi I would love to help I’ve been writing on episode for 2 years now and I’ve got the hang of things PM me if the job is still available


Hi I’m Echo I LOVE writing stories and have similar interests as you, I love reading and writing about romances. I write basically every time I have nothing to do, it is my life, I want to publish a book one day to the world. I love a book with a good ending and a few twists with plenty of drama. BTW when I write I use a lot of big and descriptive words. If the position of co writer has already been filled, that is totally fine, you can still ask me for plot ideas and things like that. Please reply as soon as you can.
Thanks!!! -Echo


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