Looking for a co - writer 🤍

im currently writing my 1st Episode story, but i keep losing motivation since im struggling w it :sob:.

it’s a romance story about a girl who broke up w a cheater. due to the relationship failing, her head is messed up w mixed thoughts. this leaves her unable to identify the difference between true & fake love, until she meets a certain someone who is determined to teach her.

you can help w either the storyline or coding! i don’t mind as i’ll probs need help w both.

we don’t need to necessarily text for my story, as i can help you w yours too! or we can just talk generally based.

my insta is seren_xx3


I don’t use insta, long story it won’t let me sign up.
but I can always give you some ideas on here if you need
I’m not the best at coding since I’m reteaching myself but can defiantly give ideas

thanks for the help, i’ll definitely ask if I do need any ideas in the future!

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Hey, are you still looking? I’m mainly a coder but I could help write too if you need!

I can help if you need it still! I can code and give you ideas for your story line
My instagram is in my profile

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