Looking for a co-writter


I’m looking for a co-writter, I’m not very busy and have the time for it. I’ve made 4 other published episodes and hope to not write my next one alone. I enjoy romance, mystery, drama and more.

Looking for Co-writter

I can do it


I’ll PM you. :slight_smile:




Just PM you.


Moved to Find a Writing Partner. :wink:


Hello, I have 4 published episodes and would love to finally have a Co-writter. I’m open to ever and all ideas. Looking for someone around the age 14 or older, good directing skills and somewhat good english. :slight_smile:


Hey, I’m interested in partnering with you. I have great English and good (imo) directing skills. I mean, I can do overlays and I can spot direct, so…


PM me whenever you’d like to start.


Hey, you still there?


are you still looking for help?


I could help. I know most codes and am still starting out but I am a good storyteller.


PM me.


hey i can help


already have 1


oh ok ill just go work for someone else