Looking for a coder! (DL contest)

Hey guys! I’m currently started planning my DL contest entry (sci-fi story), but I don’t think I could make it alone - it’d be better in a group ^^
I already found a co-author: @Tara3 !
Right now, I’m looking for a coder, who can do advanced directing (spot, overlay animations, etc.). You wouldn’t code alone, I can do all of these too. ^^

Story description

The story takes place in an Asian cyberpunk city. The MC (Seki) is the governer’s secretary by day, criminal mastermind by night. One night, a very influental criminal leader makes a deal with her - she has to attend a party, and eliminate the prime minister.
The MC is kinda a villain. She is manipulative and selfish; but in her daily life, she acts like an innocent, sweet, shy girl.


Hey there i am very much interested
i also thought of participating in DL contest
N would really love to work on ur idea

The only problem is i have never participated in any contest n even didnt read the whole topic since it was too long n also i haven’t published any story
But except this my coding is not really bad i am a basic coder but i know a bit of advanced coding n also my story ideas are not bad if u want any suggestions
if u would like me to be ur partner pm me


Hi i wanted a codling partner

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Hi! You should create a new topic if you’re looking for a coding partner ^^ you can do it in the Find a Writing Partner section. If you don’t find the ‘New Topic’ button, you have to wait some time to gain a trust level.


Closed by OP request. :smiley: