Looking For A Coder For My 5 Stories (CLOSED)

Hey guys! I’m just new in writing Episode stories. I have this short romance-comedy story (and it will be separated in 5 stories or 5 seasons). Everything is ready. The characters, the outfits, and the storyline. I just need to code it but I’m way too bad for it.

So I am looking for a coder who is willingly to help me. Proper credits will be given, of course.
Preferably, someone in Asia but it is okay if from other country. I can adjust sometimes.

We can communicate through my instagram account: @episode.akiechi

Thank you in advance! :smile:

Might be able to help, I’m very good at coding

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I can code choices that’s it cause that’s all Ik how to do

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Ohh I see. There are only few choices in this story. Plus, I need someone who will code the whole thing. :confused:

But will seek help from you soon if I have some trouble with the choices. :heart:

Oh that’s great. I really need a good coder :laughing:

Where should I contact you?

Hey I’m really good at coding if you still ned help


Hey there :smile:

Where can I talk to you about it?

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Guys just message me in my instagram account: @episode.akiechi so we could talk about it. And I could reply instantly. Thank you so much :heart:

You message me on insta

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I code. I know how to make overlay intros, as well as start buttons that are fully tappable, mini games, and character customization. Contact me on instagram @epi._.celeste if you would like to work together.

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What’s your instagram account?

You can contact me on insta kasie.epi is my insta

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I followed you in insta. Can you message me your sample of your overlay intros? Thank you :heart:


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Followed you :heart: Will message you in a bit :smile:

Alright :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you so much! :heart:

I just messaged you!

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I am an experienced coder Andrew would love to help

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Mine is Bella.episode.1

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