Looking for a coder for my new story

Hi! I’m looking for a coder to help me write my first episode story,I am a writer but i’m new to creating on episode and would like to publish a good fantasy story.This is a passion project of mine that i have been working on for a long time.I already have the story plotted out ( 2 seasons ) and have 3 episodes scripted but i had to pause due to some coding problems.If anyone is interested in working w me on this please comment below.Tnx :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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Thanksss :v:

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I can try to help. I’m not 100% good at coding, but I have learned over the past year on how to code so I’ve gotten better.

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Thank u,i’m looking for someone who can do advanced directing

I’m writing my own story, and in it has some advance directing. So, if you want I can help. But that’s up to you.

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that’d be great,are u sure you want to commit to this project tho? since you’re writing your own story and all

Yeah, I have a lot of free time since I’m homeschooled. Plus, i have writer’s block on my story.

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Oh that’s cool! Writer’s block sucks,if i can help w that just let me know.Do you want to discuss this on insta,or gmail or whatever you have?

Insta is better for me. My insta is tropical.hurricane.episode

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Can you help me with this coding? If you are ok with it?

Yeah, sure!

So i have been trying to get my character who is already in zone 2 to go to zone 5 (there is zone 5 in this background) anyways i cant find or get the coding right when i try to get the camera to follow her and make her walk to the other side without any issues :frowning:

Ok, so if you want the camera to follow your character do this:

@follow CHARACTER to [position] in zone #

I’ll show you a pic of my script

It’s not smooth its not working properly and i did that follow thing it showed the warning sign

@Thatgrocerystore ok i know what your doing you dont need the other spot 1.873 all you need is the walk to spot and to layer 7

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