Looking for a coder to help me..don’t hava computer



Hi! I can help :blob_hearts:
I really like your story idea! :butterfly:

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Bump :two_hearts:

I can help but do you have a school or public library maybe you can use instead?

I have a story in mind . But I need a team. PLEASE if you aren’t active or loose interest easily don’t offer to help. I really want to bring my idea to my life .
Someone experienced in coding , I don’t have a computer, I know there are going to be complex scenes
Someone to create the script.

I’m asking people to offer their time , I can’t pay.
I would also prefer to work with adults 18+ as I am a adult
There will be triggering themes such as Self harm, Battling with dr*g addiction , drinking, SA, mental and emotional abuse and other adult topics, I will handle these so they are episode appropriate.
What I’m doing
Uploading overlays, backgrounds
Creating the character including personalities
Likes dislikes
writing the story. However I really lack the ability to write in a script format. For instance I would say it’s a dark and story day… and I would want the scripter to take their abilities and choose the zooms, musics, sounds I will have a lot of dialogues I will have everything written, the scripter will be reading the story then creating the script from what’s discribed, however I will add the backgrounds in the story so it’s easier

Bump thank you!

Even I am in need for a person who can help me in writing. If you could please help?

I don’t know why but I just saw this. Unfortunately I can’t go to a public library

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I would help but my laptop just broke😭 its getting repaired tho. Did u know u can code on the episode website on your phone its pretty hard cause its not really meant for mobile. If you write down the scenes, backgrounds overlays and dialogue yourselves for episode 1 might be able to code it for you when it gets repaired

I only take commissions now, but if you’re interested I’d love to help :mending_heart:

You take commissions as mentioned. I mean how can you help me in that?

See it’s why I’m trying to build a team… I need someone to take my story and turn it into a script. I’m sure I’m able to do it.

Bump, please create your own post if you are looking for someone thank you this is my post

Maybe u need to look for paid option. :sweat_smile: I’m an advanced coder and it’s taking so much time to code 1 episode and since ur story is very demanding it’s very unlikely u will find someone with enough motivation to help u code every single episode alone by using ur vision for free


i’m sorry to say but this sort of dedication and demands doesn’t come for free. you’ll have to pay people for services like this.


I can’t afford that. I’m sure I’ll find someone. Plus I don’t want to pay for a hobby. Hope you understand

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I’m fine with not paying. I can’t afford to do that. This is fun for me.

i know you’re fine with not paying. but your demands are too much for someone doing it for free. authors themselves lose interest in coding their own stories so finding someone who’s going to be dedicated to yours for years (it usually takes a year and over to finish a story) without losing interest is highly unlikely.


I’m only thinking 10 episodes max so 10 chapters definitely not something that’s gonna last years. Thank you for your input though. :person_shrugging:

I mean, I would be willing to do like 25 gyms per chapter but that’s it