Looking for a coding partner?

So like the title said, I’m looking for a coding partner, you don’t have to be an advanced coder or anything, just know the basics and be willing to learn to do more advanced stuff. We would share the directing AND if you’re also a writer we could share ideas, dialogues, etc. but for some now, I have a story in mind that I want to finish but because of college, I have not enough time to direct it.
Please dm me on @dxx.episode on instagram if you’re interested :blush:


Hi! If you are still lookin I would love to help

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Hiii, sure! do you have any social media where we can talk kfkdkd the forum pms are kind of uncomfortable

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Um do you have discord?

yep but i deleted it kfkskd let me download the app really quick

what’s your username :slight_smile:

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It’s Anna1106Writes

i have no idea how to add you lmao im sorry but my username is debbb #3498

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Sorry for taking so long to reply back, I was sleep but anyway I sent you a friend request…

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can someone help with my story

what do you need help with? :blush:

i need a partner to help me write and supervise my story. do you think you can do that?

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umm, no, I’m the one looking for a coding partner

Did you get the friend request? If not I can send it again…

wait where did you send the friend request

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I can help you!

That great! How do I share my story

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I’ll message you and tell you how. Sorry for the late reply, I’m at school.

Is it alright if I can add you on Instagram? I need some help on my own story (You are a coder right?)