Looking for a coding/writing partner!

hey! been playing an episode for a while. I had a really weird dream the other night and thought it might be cool to turn it into an episode story! so, I’m looking for a partner. preferably one that can do the coding. I have a solid story plan down, just not familiar with how to code. reply for more info! hoping we can make the story in limelight.

What would the story be about? I’m pretty familiar with coding, (zooms, spot directing) I just suck at writing dialogue. :grin:

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hi there! there’s a few blank spots right now but the dream i had consisted of a girl who manifests her powers in her high school years. her adoptive parents are actually working for a kingdom in another world who actually wants to eliminate the girl. the girl could be the last living member of a royal family that the other kingdom wanted to destroy. there would be difficult stages of her learning to use her powers, fake love interests who are sent to spy on the girl, attacks, kidnappings, blah blah etc. haha. contact me on insta if you’re interested! @julia_dong_

thank you!!

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