Looking for a couple people to make some story covers

Hi, my names Sunny, I’m currently writing 3 stories and 2 of them need a new cover. I’m rubbish at editing so I’m looking for someone who can make edits and who’s willing to do so. If you are then please say and I’ll give you all the needed details!!:see_no_evil::see_no_evil::heart::heart:

I can make you a cover

Or both of them

have you made an edit or cover before that I could look at?

I could try, it might take a few days but I can still do it
Here is my only cover but I also have character edits.

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Those are gorgeous!

Thank you so much!

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I love these edits by the way♥️

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hi! im just wondering if you need an edited cover or a drawn cover?

Yeah sure I’d love that, I’l send everyone the details probably tomorrow but if you arent picked I’ll post your edit on my instagram and tell everyone to go follow you!:heart::heart:


But if you want you can draw one and i could post it as an edit appreciation!!:grin::grin::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

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Ok thanks!

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i do edited covers. can i still send some or is the time up? :thinking:

Whats your instagram so i can add you?


No no, time is not up, I’ll send everyone who wants to have a go the details tomorrow :grin::grin::heart::heart:

Oh and is it ink or LL?

Both of the stories that need covers are ink!:grin::heart: is that okay?