Looking for a cover art artist

Hey guys! I just started a new story and I’m looking for an artist that can do the cover. The story is called “The Mexican princess” and is an action/criminal/drama story. I look for someone firstly to do the cover but also art scene if you are interested. I will of course give credit.

These are the characters:
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The cover I have in mind are similar to these:


I really like the first one but I want the guy in it too and also a gun so you can tell the story is about action.

If you are interested and want to know more please write to me:)

I really, really need help :heartpulse:


Hi! I will do it for u! But I can’t finish it fast,but I will try my best!:blush:

But may I ask u what’s the background?

Hi! Thanks, that’s not a problem:) The background I’m looking for is similar to the first one, otherwise I would want it black and red. But if you have some other idea that’s fine by me.

Do you have any examples of your work?

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Lol I have many examples but it’s in my phone and my phone just got confiscated😂

Here,Im making it now😂


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Okey no problem! Thank you. Btw I would like the girl to have red dress and the guy to look more “innocent” than the guy does in the second picture :joy:

Looks great!

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Ya,ya sure! I’ll make it!:blush:

Super! And no crown :relaxed: