Looking for a cover artist and splash artist!

Hey I am looking for a cover photo and splashes for a story I am writing. I am just wondering does anyone know or can recomend a cover artist to me :slight_smile:

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I could do it, or maybe @Episode.BriarRose may be able to

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I could make the cover if you’d like, my thread is here :sparkling_heart:

There in episodes helpers

I am aware of that.

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I need help, I don’t know how to make a story, anyone wanna help me???

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Aorry, I’m a new

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First make first make a title
Second make character and outfit
Third need a cover and splash

I’m sorry, how do I do that???


Are you wanting to make one on your mobile or computer?

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On the app, go to your profile. Under the “stories I’ve published” bit click on the “no stories yet” and then it should give you the option to write a new story. Hope this helped :sparkling_heart:

You there???

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I can help with all that

Thank youbat much… you have helped alot!!:grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:


Glad :grin::grin: