Looking for a cover artist (edited is preferred) free

I’m looking for someone who can make me a story cover, though I don’t mind art ones but I guess that’d be a little difficult to demonstrate and since it’s free I don’t wanna cause much trouble. Is anyone interested? Then I’ll share the details. Thank you :blush:

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Hey if your looking for free art scenes and stuff you can check this out they’ll be able to help you!! :blue_heart:

Vintage Art Shop

Also just in case this thread will be a big help for you to find everything at one place :100:


Thank you. :blush:

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You can also check my art shop Click me. I do both drawn and edited and it wouldn’t be any trouble at all but if you want edited.just fill my form. :blue_heart: :smile:

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I can do free cover edited ones
Check my IG for more examples and pm me the details I would love to do one

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I was wondering if anyone can make a edited cover for me and for free if possibly?