Looking for a cover artist! i will pay! INK ONLY

Hey! I’m Karina!
I’m just starting out writing and I haven’t even published anything yet. I’m very new lol And I need some serious help with the cover! I will pay a fair price if necessary and if I’m happy with the outcome I will use you again for art scenes and other stories in the future!
My story is most likely going to be called: My Psychotic Protector…
You can probably guess what it’s gonna be about! *All I ask for in this cover is just my two main characters and a kind of grungy jail, prison background. I would also like for the boy main character: (Dagger) to be looking at the girl main character: (Catryn)
DAGGER DESCRIPTION; Tan Skin, Thin arch Brows, Short Cropped Hair in Grievance Green, Stoic Almond White Eyes, Defined Triangle Jaw, Button Nose, Uneven lips in Terra-cotta
IF POSSIBLE: I would like Dagger to be covered in tattoos on his chest, arms, and a little on his neck! And if you could give him a couple piercings that’d be great too!
DAGGER OUTFIT: He can just wear the orange prison pants with like black work boots ya know? And obviously he’ll be shirtless with abs and muscles lmao :joy:
CATRYN: Honey Skin, Seductive Arch Brows, Beach Wave Hair in Platinum Blonde, Upturned Bold Green Eyes, Oval Face, Upturned Nose, Full Round Lips in Scarlet.
CATRYN OUTFIT: Emerald Sequin Top, Boyfriend Jeans, Black Chelsea Boots, Key Necklace
SIDE NOTE: Dagger is going to be 6 ft 3 in the story and Catryn is about 5 ft 7!
You don’t have to put the name of the story anywhere on it if you don’t want to!
ALSO I will make sure to credit you in each episode! You can take your time with it I don’t need it right away! You can either email it to me: [karinapapineau@yahoo.com] OR send it through my instagram: rinaishibernating
And I will most likely be paying you through Apple Pay but if that doesn’t work for you we can figure something out :+1:t3:.
Feel free to add in anything that you think will make it better, I’m pretty flexible.
THANK YOUUUU :two_hearts:

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I can try to make one for you. Here is a quick example (my other ones are on my (dead) phone, and my Instagram, @red_episodiann

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This is my style :heart:


Woah, do you take requests? :scream:

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I have more a lot but they r on my laptop, I also do a lot of character edits


So I’m guessing you’re not doing mine then? Well thx anyway:)

Ur quite silly to think that I am doing it, and I am almost finished i’ll Sent it in and hr

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Just so you know, selling anything that’s using Episode’s art is forbidden, so don’t pay anyone for edit, or an outline, only for art, that’s drawn in artist’s own style. :wink:


Omg this is really beautiful!!! :star_struck::star_struck::exploding_head::exploding_head: you should totally open a art shop :laughing::scream::scream:


Even if it was OK, I don’t want to make people pay. I have a job, and drawing is my hobby. Not everyone has money, and I just wouldn’t feel right telling people to give me money.

That’s just for the OP, cuz she may not know it, since she’s new here and someone could use it :wink:


Lol thanks :heart:
An art shop would be too chaotic though!
Also if you want me to make your art @Rina_1 then PM me.


oh ok thank you for the information lmao :joy: i’m so dumb haha

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