Looking for a Cover skilled person

Hi there amazing person! Firstly, thanks for taking a small amount of your day to read my topic. I’m looking for someone that is willing to help me out with a cover. I’m not that skilled at editing, especially with Episode characters and I think it’s better to let talented people help me when they are above me. If you want to help me, DM me here, or on instagram @episodemariexx.
Thanks! Have a blessed day! :heartbeat:

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I could help?

Cover examples ( I do both LL and INK )

They are amazing! Yes, if you think you have the time, please dm on instagram. Thanks hun :kissing_heart:

Hmm i could try, but the wait would be like a week or two?

I don’t have Instagram. Sorry

Oh okay nvm you already found one

No prob, dm here :blush:

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Thank you anyways for wanting to help me! Hope you have an amzing day, love!:blush:

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