Looking for a Cover & Splash Artist

Hi, it’s Winter! I’m looking for a cover and splash artist for my upcoming story Hawaiian Truths. Reply to this thread and I’ll DM you the details. Credit will, of course, be provided. :relaxed:


Raven hood would be happy to serve you if its ok :grin:.

I can do it for you

If you say yes just go here

And no credits needed lol.

Me and My team are just doing this to help out the community.

Maybe I do a splash and you a cover or the other way around?

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I can do the cover

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I do splash.

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@Helpieme @SpiralKaleidoscope I want them done by the same person to have the same style. Can you both PM me some examples? :blush:


Here are a splash made by one of the member in Raven Hood @AlyssaTyler


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And heres one by our newest member @Mimi0829

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They look great! Do you have any Limelight cover examples? :slight_smile:

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I’m working on 2 right now I think there some on our request thread

Okay, I’ll check them out. :grin:

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I’m not sure if you have decided on anyone yet but I have examples on my insta page… just offering help

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Okay, so the splash details are as follows:

Splash 1

I’d like my character:

In this outfit:

On a beach background.

And to say:
Follow me on Instagram @winter05.episode for more!

Splash 2 & 3

Same background as Splash 1.

  • Splash 2 to have episode 1 to 5 to start please.
  • Splash 3 to say: End of chapter. To be continued.

Thank you! :blush:


ok do you have the time you want it

As soon as possible but it’s not super urgent. I added Splash 2 and 3 details. :slight_smile:

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