Looking for a cover


someone up for a cover in limelight style for my new story teaming up with @DIAMOND1PANDA


I can help


If you didn’t already pick @Teahwalker, I’d be happy to help !


If you haven’t picked either, I’d be happy to help.


art example


art example please


I need an example


Ok so we have a bunch in our thread. I will send the link in case you want to see.


There are art examples from all of our artists there.


Here is my link and I pmed her I am gonna help :smiley:


can you make a loading screen with all the characters like you see when you first open the app if so pm me ill give you detes


I am one of four presidents of Episode Gold.

Is that picture what you meant?




can I give u the detes


Yeah pm them to me :smiley: