Looking for a cover!

If anyone can make me a cover for my new story Stranded, I’d really appreciate it!

I will credit the artist fully for their work. Thanks 4 reading

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I can

Thanks! Should I explain what I want or…?

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Send the eetails

So the story is about these people stranded on an island
https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-ULvESRvwqADVXONh9rjWcklfkpZArqWEP9Gv_JwNcE/edit?usp=sharing (them)
Those are the main characters, the ones I want on the cover.
And at the bottom of the cover, I want it to say
“lost on an island but we’re still the best”

Thanks a bunch!

P.S Nia and Kiera belong in the front. Wisteria and Jamie are on the sides.

P.S.S put some palm trees and a beach uwu

P.S.S.S google docs sucks for me so Nia’s name is messed up

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