Looking For A Custom Pose Creator & Proofreader

Hi! I’m looking for someone to help make custom poses and someone who also would like to help proofread my stories.

Preferred Style of Custom Poses

If you’re interested in helping, please pm me :blob_sun:


My stories genres vary from: Action, Romance, Fantasy, and Drama. Also let me know what you are and are not comfortable with!


Someone from this shop can help you . I am a proofreader too if you want a proof reader to help you . Feel free to request in the shop or pm

Happy birthday by the way :birthday:


thank you so much❤️

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Heyy If your still looking for someone I can help I only have limelight poses atm as all of my ink ones got deleted but I do ink as well

Here are my ll poses

They ar pngs but look better with a bg for now :blush:

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Thank you! I’ll pm you with details!