Looking for a dedicated artist!


Hello everyone!
I have decided to start writing my own story…but I need an artist who is willing to join me for the ride! You would be doing, art scenes, splashes and more! Please put some examples down below! And also don’t be offended if I don’t pick you I am looking for specific art :wink:

Much Love,


I can help!



I got a lot of time to spare

just a few of mine



StOp SteaLiNg My ChAnCe Lol jk you are are a good artist!


lol thanks

you are too!


Np. Thanks boo!


I would love to help!

My art!

I have so many more! I can do covers, custom poses, and pretty much everything! Along with the directing and writing tips!


I LoVe the first one!


Thank you! I made it announce my upcoming story!


I can also help if you want to expand your options, but by all means, please consider the people who commented on this thread first before looking at my examples!


image image